Progressive Organization Design

it's an exciting time for organization design. we are increasingly moving away from the twentieth-century models of organizing work, which created much of the pain many of us feel today:

  • all decisions are made at the top and policies and processes are installed to ensure adherence 

  • to enable decisions to be made at the top a constant need for status reports and data is requested

  • to maintain control leaders demand clear lines of accountability

  • middle managers are installed and given budgets, power and encouraged to micromanage

  • creates an environment of high anxiety, stress, transactional instruction followers, complacency, intra-competition, and disengagement 


our approach to organization design is to take a fresh, objective look to how work could get done to deliver the best results. we get clear on the strategy and then design structures to foster rich collaboration, empowerment and focus. 



  • simplifying organization structure

  • installing "agile" organization

  • designing centers of excellence (coe)

  • delivering organization design training to build internal capabilities

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