Shaping Culture

​​culture is the sum total of the habitual ways of working. many organizations that struggle with complexity often exhibit the following cultural traits:

  • management by committee - decisons are made by multiple individuals and consensus is required

  • multiple checks and balances - decisions have to pass through multiple rounds of approvals

  • cover my ass mentality - people cc as many people as they can in email exchanges to ensure they do not step on anyone's feet, which creates email overload

  • engage everyone orientation - excessive, often low value, meetings due to desire to engage and align everyone on everything

  • micro management - leaders and managers lean far too deep into the details of all work and feel the need to direct all activities, resulting in their people becoming transactional instruction followers

  • intra competitive - siloed nature of organization has created intense competition across function and teams, limiting effective collaboration


changing organizational culture is tricky. we carefully distill the desired culture into a set of critical behaviors that can be easily acted upon. we believe it is the repetition of specific ways of working that helps build new habits, which boil up to shifting macro culture. we also lean on behavioral economics to influence willingness to give new ways of working a try.



  • building a "simplified culture"

  • evolving culture to enable new strategy

  • sustaining culture during rapid growth

  • integrating cultures during PMI

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