Complexity Assessment

we believe that most organizations struggle to truly tap into the best capabilities of their people. this is in large part due to the proliferation of complexity that translates into the following things that serve to distract, exhaust and paralyze people:

  • too many non-core activities soaking up people's time

  • too many distractions and interruptions, reducing quality of thinking

  • too many systems to navigate between and poor organization of information

  • too many managers telling people what to do

  • too many reports that need to be created

  • too many meetings and emails


our approach to crushing complexity is organized into four phases:

  1. distill and illuminate strategy - what value does the organization deliver and where will it win in the future

  2. reveal how work is done today - assess how work is done and quantify time spent in various activities

  3. design simplification solutions - foster open source solutioning on how to reduce low-value activities and enhance focus on what matters most

  4. deliver smart habits training - nurture smart habits across the organization to strengthen time management, prioritization, planning, collaboration and energy management


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